CEP Board Positions Available!

CEP Board members are elected for a two year term. Members are required to attend monthly board meetings (2 hrs/month from Sept-June) as well as a planning session in June and a strategy session in the Fall. Members are asked to organize one event and come to a minimum of three CEP events per year. The time requirements below do not include attending or organizing CEP events.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone working in the environmental/sustainability field who wants to expand their skill set and leadership abilities. Applicants are asked to submit their resumes and a short two-paragraph statement detailing how they will contribute to the CEP Board to

President (10 hours/month)

The President is responsible for ensuring CEP programs are running smoothly. The ideal candidate has exceptional team building and relationship skills, with a strong external network. Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure a well-functioning board by chairing monthly meetings and strategy sessions
  • Gathering corporate sponsorships
  • Cultivating partnerships with other organizations, including other CEP Chapters and Leading Change Canada
  • Supporting CEP programs when required (particular focus on mentorship program)

Treasurer (4-5 hours/month)

The treasurer is responsible for all CEP finances. Responsibilities include:Reporting on CEP finances on a monthly basis

  • Reporting on CEP finances on a monthly basis
  • Ensuring all expenses are paid (both one-time and reoccurring)
  • Maintaining relationships with key vendors as well as with Vancity

Secretary (4-5 hours/month)

  • Responsible for annual filing and maintaining CEP records
  • Recording the minutes of each board meeting and AGM
  • Providing support to the President for board meetings (booking space, contributing to the agenda)

Director of Communications (8 hours/month, work required on a weekly basis)

The Director of Communications is responsible for all CEP communications. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing all CEP email communications including monthly newsletter and event reminders
  • Managing CEP’s social media (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Updating the CEP website and managing the content from the back end
  • Supervising volunteers to ensure the email is checked regularly, and the events digest is monitored and sent out on a monthly basis
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of CEP communications using google analytics
  • Developing a communications strategy

Directors of Mentorship (2 people – this position requires significant time (approx 10hrs/month) from September-January; ongoing support from January – June)

The CEP Mentorship program is CEP Vancouver’s signature program and requires a large amount of work and preparation that should be shared by two people. The Mentorship directors are responsible for organizing and running the CEP Mentorship program, which runs for a period of six months (from Jan-June). Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing program communications (including the program application, website content, and communications to participants)
  • Contributing to recruiting mentors
  • Matching mentors with mentees
  • Planning all associated events including booking speakers, creating event content, booking venues, and organizing catering
  • Providing ongoing support to mentees and mentors throughout the duration of the program

Director of Events (4-5 hours/month)

The CEP Director of Events is responsible for providing support for monthly CEP events and the CEP mentorship program by:

  • Booking space and catering
  • Actively looking for ways to partner with other organizations on events (eg. Green Drinks)

Director of Membership (4-5 hours/month)

Responsible for all data related to CEP memberships including:

  • Managing all new and renewed membership requests
  • Preparing regular updates for the board of membership statistics
  • Analyzing membership numbers and profiles
  • Developing a membership strategy 

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